SignWriting List
May 30, 2010

Hello Charles and Everyone -

The handshapes "overlap" in the ISWA. There used to be transparent handshapes in the old IMWA back in 2004 - you are right. But Steve and I worked together on getting handshapes to be able to "overlap" - because other people wanted that, and there are more overlapping handshapes than there are intertwining handhshapes as far as I can tell.

In other words, there are times when we need to overlap handshapes for a reason, and there are times when we need them to interlock and be see-through...we need both...but I only know of this one instance where we need the intertwining, so the overlapping won out, because we could not find a programming solution for both.

So Steve and I tried to find a way to get both, and right now we do not have a programmed way to get both, and this is the only case that i know of, where we have to "build" the way it should look, by using a line from somewhere else in SignPuddle - 

And don't worry about the sorting by symbols - because we manually tell the software what symbols we want to be first and second and third in the SignSpelling, and of course we are not going to include that little curved line in the actual spelling, since it is kluge...

Someday we will solve the problem of programming both, but right now, this is the way it is - The hands overlap, but do not automatically intertwine - this is the only example that i know of where intertwining is really important...

Actually there are lots of times that people build handshapes that are not in the ISWA, using little lines and curves from elsewhere in the ISWA to construct the new handshape, and that is a useful tool in some cases...

There is one section for standardized arm lengths...I use them all the time and they work for me...but I also construct arms sometimes too - there is no problem with constructing symbols in the ISWA - it does not hurt sorting signs by sequence, because we enter the SignSpellings that we want later...

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Call me anytime for tech support -

Val ;-)