Hi All...

Thank you for your participation in testing my system.
I have read the comments and currently busy improving the system, and
will be updated soon.

The results revealed that the people recognized the signs. Overall recognition of 92%.
The animations were not 100% accurate to the SignWriting notation, The overall accuracy was about 66%.
There were dialect issues, for example, some people use two contact for same, others use one.
Avatar starts at the waist, this caused confusion thus it needs to start at the beginning of the sign.
The fingerspelling was not ASL :( my apologies!!

I'm using the feedback to improve the system, I would like to conduct another test thereafter.
In this test(upcoming) I want to use signs selected by you SignWriters!!!!
I therefore ask you SignWriters to send me a list of signs, a maximum of 10. Also, it would be informative if you include the factors/reasons motivating why you selected the sign. For example fingerspelling of apple, presents double letters.
The signs should be written in English and SignWriting.

Thank you SignWriters!