SignWriting List
May 11, 2010

Hello Steve!

Congratulations on the new release!

THANK YOU for the SignWriting Image Server looks great...  Beautifully designed and on the cutting edge....We are very fortunate to have this program, which will serve as a basis for new software development...

And I like the green umbrella and the green theme!!

I am really looking forward to exploring and learning...I realize that this is a program in its own right, and I want to understand better how I can use it in my daily work...So from time to time I will ask questions ;-)

The video instruction you mention would be wonderful in time, but a lot of this is pretty self-explanatory...the new SignMaker and SignText features are really terrific...I too will try to write small List members...feel free to ask questions...You will find that the SignWriting Image Server is an eye-opener - it will teach you what BSW is, and other aspects of SignWriting...such as SignSpellings, columns and so forth...

Val ;-)