SignWriting List
June 19, 2010

Congratulations and thank you to Stefan Woehrmann and SignWriting users in Germany for creating such a large dictionary in German Sign Language (DGS) in SignPuddle:

German Sign Language SignPuddle Dictionary

They have 12,623 entries!

Wow is all I can say ;-)

What a wonderful source for the world to learn about DGS signs...and the teachers and students in Germany are really blessed with this large database...

The old SignWriter DOS software was limited to a maximum of 10,000 entries, so this is important news that we can have larger dictionaries in SignPuddle...I believe there is no limit to the number of entries as far as we know, in SignPuddle...I bet there are at least 50,000 signs in sign languages - not sure if anyone really knows but over time we will find out ....

If anyone wants to learn how to add signs for your country, please ask questions here on the List and I am happy to help you step by step with software help - once you write a few signs it becomes easy -

Val ;-)