Ha Val, 

so you did a perfect job to read German Sign Language!!  Congrats ...

after write it says  "finished" 

... and a second ago before I found your answer I copied the sentence to the
German Literature Puddle ... and deleted the entry in the German SignPuddle

Stefan ;-)

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June 24, 2010

Hi Stefan!
Many thanks for this message in SignWriting!

Did you say below?...
"Hello Valerie, Dali, SignWriting List Members:
Recently I other sentence quote PISOURD write (what is the next sign after
write? it STOP?). Yes (with a nod). You read can where? German
SignPuddle Literature...Bye Stefan"

Ha! So I looked in your German Literature Puddle, but the sentence from the
PISOURD site was not I looked in your German SignPuddle
Dictionary file, and I found it there....So if you want, you can move your
SignText file from the Dictionary to the Literature Puddle, by clicking on a
button on the right of the document that says "Copy SignText"... and then
you can choose to copy it into the Literature Puddle...

So now we have two students taking the course - Dali and Stefan!

I will write my version later tonight and post it and give my comments to
all writers of that one sentence - if others want to participate, you are
most welcome ;-)

Val ;-)


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