SignWriting List
June 5, 2010

Hello SignWriting Listers!

There seems to be increased interest in a SignWriting workshop in the UK. Boxes of books are being shipped to the UK for the workshop, which may take place some time this summer. We do not know the details yet. When we do, I will announce the information to the List.

Meanwhile, we have some new List members from the UK. Welcome!

I would like to ask if someone would be interested in writing some BSL signs or literature, by looking at the signs and conversations on this web site:


I really enjoy watching the BSL videos I see on this site.

If you prefer another site for BSL that is fine too.

Write the BSL signs and written BSL narratives in the BSL Dictionary and BSL Literature Puddles:

and I already see Silent Night, written by Suzanne, in the BSL Literature Puddle -

Thank you, Suzanne! It looks great...

I can help you do a print out of that if you wish - when you are done, click on ColumnMaker button to the right of the document and establish the size and length of the columns and so forth, and then open Microsoft Word or another software, and drag and drop the columns into MicroSoft Word, or copy and paste, or download them to your desktop and Insert them...


Your box is on its way across the ocean ;-)

Val ;-)