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June 27, 2010

On Jun 27, 2010, at 5:35 AM, Dali balti wrote:
> When I did not receive an answer, I thought I failed in the exam!!! hihihihhihi
> The link you mentioned, Val, is it for the entire video? I find no 9 sentences, if it is for all of the video it is ok too, It will be a funny time to play Signwriting!!!!! Nice truly! Shall I make it for all of the video?

Hello Dali and Stefan!
I can continue to send you double copies of the SignWriting List messages if you want...the same message sent to the List can be sent to you privately, but I thought that was confusing you maybe, so i stopped sending the messages in duplicate like that - very sorry to make you think you were forgotten - not at all!

So I am sending this message to you privately as well as to the List, Dali, but I hope you will continue to post your answers and questions to the List - many thanks.

You have my complete permission to teach SignWriting with or without an exam. People teach SignWriting all over the world, and I am happy they do!  I appreciate it, Dali and Stefan, that you care about teaching so well.

But if you need a certificate from me, to show your university, then of course I am trying to help...but taking an exam over email like this, is a little strange - not like taking a course in person at all ;-)

And the exam is simply writing 9 sentences in Pisourd. Here are the links for the 9 sentences. There is NO complete video...just the short little sentences on the links below.

You can find the links to all 9 sentences on this web page:

But here are the individual links:

1. Pisourd

2. Fonctionnement

3. Questions-reponses

4. Les repondants

5. Structure de Pisourd

6. Financement

7. Contact

8. Bonus

9. Faire un don

You already did number 9 Faire un don, so I will discuss your writing of that sentence next...but please go ahead and write all nine short sentences at the above links, so we can analyze those too - so there is no "exam" but instead I just want to see you use SignPuddle with skill, and I want to discuss some ways of writing with you and some of the symbols, and then I will create a certificate for you -

So Dali and Stefan and anyone else who wants to participate, please tell me when all 9 short sentences are written in your Literature Puddle - many thanks!

Val ;-)