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June 9, 2010

Hello Dali, Charles and Stefan!

Thank you, Dali, for this question, and thank you, Stefan and Charles, for your answers. 

Steve is working on a new version of SignPuddle. Right now we are using SignPuddle 1.5, but in a few months, we will install SignPuddle 2.

SignPuddle 2 will include the ISWA 2010 symbols, and it will use the new version of SignMaker and SignText which are already available in SWIS:

SignWriting Image Server

Plus, SignPuddle 2 will have a few new features. I just wrote to Steve about the features you have asked for, in the Translation Program:

1. a way to save your spoken language text you want to translate, while you go back and add more signs to SignPuddle, so when you return to the Translate program, it remembers your original spoken language text you want to translate


2. A button for "I do not want any of these signs" that would be available along with the choices of different signs, when you are choosing which signs you want...

I do not know if Steve will be able to build these two features into the first release of SignPuddle 2 or not, but at least these two requests are now on the "To-Do List", which is a long one!

And Dali - congratulations on teaching SignWriting in Tunisia...I am so happy to hear this...Please keep us informed about your progress with your Deaf and hearing students! Thank you for all you are doing and for sharing with us -

Val ;-)


On Jun 9, 2010, at 12:06 AM, Dali balti wrote:

> Hello dear friend!!!
> I am very happy to share my experience and the development of signwriting with you!!!!
> Next month I am starting teaching signwriting for my deaf friend who were amazed by signwriting system, they sometimes can guess the written signs though they did not learn it, and I also discovered that once they understand the written signs they recognize it for the second time, and BETTER than me, I think that's because Signwriting is their own language!!!!
> I am happy for them!!!!
> I have a "small" question!!!!
> in the translation pannel, once I have typed the text, and after it is translated, in the list I have to select the signs I want, as you know they are listed one on the other, and sometimes you can find a list of signs for the same word (as an example; I help you/ you help me/ I help him etcccc). You have the choice to choose only one sign among those listed on the same line, But sometimes I do not want to choose any sign from the whole list, but I cannot, I have to choose one although I do not need that sign. is there a possibility to tick the box (with a green dot) so that this dot disappears and the sign does not get chosen?????