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June 11, 2010

Hello Steve!

THANK YOU for these multiple milestones!

Freezing the ISWA and the standards for programming with the ISWA, for at least a decade, is very welcome...I am very happy with the changes and improvements that were made all around.

I am now working on updating Sutton's SymbolBank archival site, to archive all of these changes, plus I am working on a document with an English word-description of every sub-symbol in the ISWA 2010, so there will be a word-description for every tiny little symbol in the ISWA 2010, to document the symbolset for future generations.

So that is my month of June - completing SymbolBank 2010 and naming thousands of symbols in a database. Then Steve will install the word-descriptions for the symbols into the ISWA 2010 HTML Reference Guide, and I will place them later, into SignBank 2010 as well.

So, in July, I will be updating SignBank and DocumentMaker to their respective 2010 versions, which will include the new symbolset ISWA 2010 and coordination with Steve's new version of SignPuddle...SignPuddle 2.

Also in July, I will be working with Adam Frost on updating the SignWriting Symbol Lessons 2010, and expanding the Lessons to include more than just the handshapes...but movement symbols and facial expressions as well.

Busy but happy summer!

Thank you again, Steve, for making all this possible -

Val ;-)


On Jun 11, 2010, at 1:51 PM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

Hi List,

I've finished the 3rd revision of Binary SignWriting.  I've updated the software and websites.

The standards of the ISWA 2010 and Binary SignWriting revision 3 are set.  I'm planning on a 10 year freeze of the standards so we can build and create with stability.

Binary SignWriting HTML Reference
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ISWA 2010 HTML Reference
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SignWriting Image Server
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SignWriting Wiki
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SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin
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