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June 23, 2010

Hello Maureen and everyone at Practice Makes Perfect in Southport, UK!

Practice Makes Perfect

Many congratulations on winning an award and being on the front cover of the newspaper!! You should feel very proud of this remarkable accomplishment. You are clearly making a difference in your community. I enjoyed reading the article (attached), which points out that you are teaching Sign Language in your community, for more than 8 years...

Thank you for your interest in writing BSL and requesting a SignWriting workshop too.

The upcoming SignWriting Workshop in Southport in August will hopefully be the beginning of SignWriting education spreading in the UK...We can't wait to know the particulars, so we can broadcast the date and time to the world - so the community you are benefitting is growing larger - smile -

Congratulations once again, Maureen, for your award!

Please see attached newspaper article: