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June 1, 2010

> Hello everyone!!!!!!
> Happy to post my new questions!!!!! lol
> > So, my question is: how to differenciate using "v" in changing the handshape, and is it necessary to write the new handshape if it is not clear enough??????
> in other words, the black point or the "v" knuckle shape, once they are on the fingers, does it mean that the movement is for all the fingers, or just for the finger/fingers on which the point/v is put??????

Hello Dali and Charles!

Thank you, Charles, for your answer...

And just to add, if you look at the attached diagram:

1.  The Finger Movement Symbol is on top of, and pushing the finger that moved. So you know that the middle finger was pushed down to touch the thumb...

2. The Finger Movement arrow pushes the middle finger down.

3. The Finger Movement arrow pushes all four fingers down. You know that, because the arrow is on top of all four fingers.

4. The Finger Movement arrow pushes all four fingers down. And because we can see the thumb touching the four fingers in the hanshape, we know that the thumb came up to meet the four fingers when they closed.

So you don't even need the 5 fingers stretched to read these movements...if you just write the ending position with the Finger Movement arrow on top of the fingers that moved, you can read it -

I think you should just write with them for awhile and in time it will become automatically easier for you to read...

Thanks for your question, Dali!

And thanks for posting to the SignWriting List!   Val ;-)