The most usual is "ACCEDER" or "ENTRAR". Although it always depends on who made the website, if it is in Spain or in any other territory where Spanish is spoken.

Maybe you want to double check or wait for any other answer?

I am a native speaker, though, from Barcelona. In Spanish dialects within Spain, "INGRESAR" would sound weird. I would go for "ACCEDER".

Hope I've been useful!


2010/7/8 Valerie Sutton <[log in to unmask]>
SignWriting List
July 7, 2010

Hello List members -

I need your help with Spanish -

What is the most well-known, or most commonly-used, Spanish word for "login"?

In our Spanish navigation for SignPuddle Online, we are using the word "Ingresar" to mean "Login". It was the word chosen by someone who lives in Honduras.

Well, a few days ago, someone from Spain asked me where they should "login" and when I pointed them to "Ingresar" they told me in Span that means depositing money into a bank! They had seen that word there, and they were afraid to click on it!

I know Spanish has different dialects, in Spain and in Honduras, so what Spanish word would you suggest we use for LOGIN, that would be the best understood in both countries?