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July 22, 2010

Hello Gerard and everyone -
This would be great if you write an article about this, and it will be very welcome, since the Milan 1880 conference was a sad event in Deaf history...The National Association of the Deaf in the US (the NAD... ) were partners in stimulating this request for a rejection of the 1880 decision, by writing a letter to ICED about this, so they deserve mention in your article if you write it, along with others also, for making this happen...

NAD Requests That ICED Recognize Sign Language As A Human Right

You can read more about it with the links at the bottom of this article, which was sent to me by the NAD yesterday.

By the way, regarding ICED but on a separate topic, there were two presentations on SignWriting at ICED in 2005 in the Netherlands:

SignWriting at ICED 2005

Thought you might like to know ;-))

Val ;-)


ICED Press Release - Release.pdf