I just tried to go in and leave a comment (I'm not registered so I'm not logged in), but not everything will load for me.
1. The SignText button at the bottom doesn't exist; there's just an empty blue oval.
2. When I click on it, SignText does come up, but not everything loads.  In particular, only the Tongue/Teeth group loads for the facial circles, and not all of them show up when I click on it.
Am I just having an odd glitch, or is this a common problem?
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Subject: Re: Blogging in Written ASL - How do I write a comment in ASL?

On Jul 21, 2010, at 10:36 AM, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> Hi Adam!
> I love your blog in ASL in SignWriting, but I am new to blogging in general. How do I write a comment in ASL on your blog? Where is the SignText button on your blog? (sorry to be so new to this ;-))) I look forward to writing an ASL comment on your blog...I understand others are already doing it - I think that is sooo coool!

Here are the instructions on how to write a comment in ASL on my blog:

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where the comment form is, and click on the link to SignText (circled in blue in the following pictures). If you are not registered on my blog, you can still comment. The form will look like this:

If you are logged in, the form will look like this:

2. You will have a window pop up and load SignText.

3. Then write your comment with SignText. This is the SignText that comes with SWIS, so if you are a little unsure how to do things I can help you out there. Just ask. ;-)

4. Once you have added your last sign to the sentence, click on Preview.

5. You will now see your comment as it will be seen in the comments of my blog. If you are satisfied with it, copy the string of code (showed highlighted in blue). If you are not, you can click on the Back link to edit some more. After you have copied the code, click on the X in the bottom right to close the window.

6. Paste the string in the comment box and click Submit Comment.

7. Congratulations. You have written your comment in ASL.