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September 22, 2010

Hello Bill!
Thank you for this is a very interesting message, about how one communicates in ASL with numbers and it varies from person to lot to absorb...

And yes, we are publishing the equivalent to War and Peace in ASL now...not that title (smile)...but we just signed a contract with Tyndale Publishers of the New Living Translation of the Bible - we have their permission to translate the entire New Testament, based on the English version of the New LIving Translation, into ASL. Nancy Romero is the ASL translator and the writer in SignWriting as well...and Nancy has already completed the ASL translations of the full Gospel According to Matthew, Gospel According to John and the complete book of Romans...The Gospel According to John (all 21 chapters) will be around 500 the moment we only have the first 7 chapters in PDF format for download, which uses page numbers from 1-181, but we are now working on completing the book and obviously we will need page numbers to 500 or so, and once we put the three completed books together into one enormous volume we will be well over 1000 pages - so yes we will need page numbers for over 1000 too later...right now let's focus on the here is what i would like to ask...please download this document:

Gospel According to John Chapters 1-7

or go to

to download the 7 chapters with a link...

And once you have the ASL document, open it and go to page 142, for example and look at the page number...can you read it, or would you choose another format?...I realize people are different so that is why I am going to give the book designers several choices for page number formats, but they have no choice but to choose one format for each book -

Thanks for your input, Bill...

Attached is a screen capture of one page

Val ;-)