SignWriting List
September 25, 2010

Hello Ramon and everyone -
I hope others will tell us how they would write these movements too...

Here are my answers...

Since the movement finishes in a tight fist, in all three questions (a tight fist is defined as "some fingertips finishing touching the palm of the hand"), I would use two dark dots, the Finger Squeeze symbols, showing the double closing or squeezing of the middle joints of the fingers.

Notice in my attached diagram, there are two sizes of Finger Squeeze Dots.

Example 1 has four fingers bending, so I wrote that with large dots.

Examples 2 and 3 have fewer fingers bending, and because the finishing position still has some fingers extended, I used the smaller size Finger Squeeze Dots, and even placed them on the side of the fist, to make it clear that the fingers that are squeezing are not the ones that remain extended.

I hope the attached diagram is clear...if not, write again with more questions -  Val ;-)