Hello Rachel, Charles, Val and everyone,
    I enjoyed looking over the SignTyp poster.  You know, I am working right now on a part of my SignWriter project that ties in a little with the SignWriting to SignTyp.  Except that I am going from hand characteristics to symbol,  in SignWriter Studio it is called "Hand Search".  I have it setup for all the hand basegroups but it isn't as detailed as SignTyp.  I personally feel that it would benefit being a bit more complete as far handshape characteristics.  But having full SignTyp would probably be too complicated for the user.  The Idea of "Hand Search" is to set a filter for the caracteristics of the hand shape you are looking for and it shows a list of handshapes that match the filter, ready to input into a sign.

    Have you analyzed the handshapes yet to get their characteristics or is this a future project?

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October 20, 2010

Hello Charles, Rachel and everyone -

This web page is now updated:

SignWriting Linguistics Forum

to include two links to the SignTyp project...a link to download the PDF of the poster, and also a link to a description of the SignTyp project - and of course your photo too!

And the other documents and web links on this web page are popular and have played an important part in SignWriting history ...People download Joe Martin's comparison between the Stokoe system and SignWriting frequently (thank you, Joe, for your excellent comparison). This is number 4 on the linguistics web page...There is also a web version, which you do not have to download...The comparison between the Stokoe system and SignWriting was needed back in the year 2000, because at that time people really did not know the difference between the systems...so Joe's article helped with that transition... 

There is also Joe's 2007 thesis, and the work of Ingvild Roald from Norway, and Steve and Dianne Parkhurst's 2008 book from Spain ...and a web article that shows a comparison between the Stokoe system, SignWriting and HamNoSys, which was also pivotal...

So thank you, to all of you, for your contributions -

Val ;-)


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