Don't' the artciles that are linked from academic journals on count? They are linked to peer reviewed journals at University sites.  They don't originate with, but are academically produced everywhere from Norway to Brazil. Each of these publications have their own schedule.
The recent publication from Brazil on an encyclopedic dictionary are an example, they were funded entirely in Brazil through the University of Sao Paulo and other related organizations, I believe.
If they are linked to don't assume that they are automatically generated by the Center for Sutton Movement Writing.
There are newspaper artciles all over the world, and publications from Danish, German, and other sources that are clearly published elsewhere.


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Hi Stefan,

I am a student in a Deaf Studies program. We have been assigned a research project, and need to find academic and professional articles that have been published about our topic, in this case Valerie Sutton and SignWriting. I am having trouble because the only sources I can find are Wikipedia and I need to find books or articles that have been published. I have read almost everything on, but I cannot use this as a source for my project.

Hope this is more clear and answers your questions.
- Jessie
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Hi Jessie,

..articles about Valerie Sutton  and/or SignWriting

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I am curious. Can you explain something about your project and the idea behind this message?

Years ago I asked Valerie to give us more insight about her method and strategy to invent this ingenious writing system. So she had been so kind to share her biography ...  You can find it along with many many pictures on the website ...  Every life has a story...

You may want to look at the dancewriting website as well - smile.

There are so many articles and information posted on the website -

It really makes sense to understand more of the background of this very special woman.

Stefan ;-)

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I am currently doing a project on Valerie Sutton and SignWriting. I need to compile an annotated bibliography and am looking for articles or other texts on Valerie Sutton or SignWriting. Does anyone know of any poublications?

Thanks very much!

- Jessie