SignWriting List
October 1, 2010

Hello Thorsteinn!
Thank you for this message, and we look forward to working with you on the sign language Wikipedias written in ASL, BSL, and any other sign language that requests it...

I am really happy to hear that there is a request for a BSL Wikipedia in SignWriting - how wonderful! There has recently been a SignWriting workshop in Southport, UK, and perhaps as interest grows in the UK to write BSL, the BSL Wikipedia could become a real vehicle to teach the reading and writing of BSL.

SignWriting in the UK

One of the problems in using fingerspelling for a universal or international sign, is that there are different fingerspelling systems around the world depending on the sign language, and BSL uses a two-handed fingerspelling system, which of course can be written in SignWriting, but would not be understood by signers in other countries, and of course the same is true for ASL fingerspelling - it may not be understood in Great Britain.

So finding a sign is a great idea, in comparison to fingerspelling. Thank you, Alan, for your suggestion for a sign...for ASL signers it is quite logical ;-)