SignWriting List
October 29, 2010

Dear SW List Members!
I am happy to tell you that programmers in Tunisia have successfully programmed using SignWriting to program an avatar that signs. You can view a demonstration on this web site:

To break the silence of deaf
The Research Laboratory UTIC, University of Tunis, Tunisia

and using Internet Explorer on Windows, download the WS plugin 2.0 that is available there. Once the plugin is installed in IE, the Avatar will appear. He is a cool looking Avatar, who signs numbers and fingerspells from several sign languages. Click on the menu Demonstration at the top to see a demo. See attached screen captures below.

Demonstration Avatar

This work has been accomplished by Maher Jbali, who already finished his MA degree, and will now start his Ph.D, under the guidance of Prof. Mohammed Jemni:

Prof. Mohammed Jemni

I want to thank Maher Jbali and Prof. Mohammed Jemni for their hard work, and for inviting me to present at a conference in Tunisia in November 2010. I am hoping I can present over Skype. I will write a message about this to the list as well...

See screen captures of the avatar attached..

Val ;-)