Thanks for the information, Stefan.
Could you tell me if your school connects to the internet through a proxy, or is it directly to the internet?  It looks like there is a proxy which is possibly causing the loading to fail, because the server is taking too long to answer.
Does the page take a long time (more than 15 seconds) to load when you use Internet Explorer?
I will check what is happening - it may be that the network cache needs emptying.

Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2010 20:26:10 +0200
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Subject: AW: cannot reach SignPuddle with Firefox but with Explorer
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Hi Thor,

thanks for your message. Well again and again the following problem occurs with Firefox Version 3.6.10

No connection after some time. ...

This does not happen with Windows Internet Explorer  -

I paste a coppy of the error message :  



Der angeforderte URL konnte nicht geholt werden

Während des Versuches, den URL
zu laden, trat der folgende Fehler auf:

Das System gab:
    (110) Connection timed out


Der Zielrechner oder das Zielnetzwerk könnten deaktiviert sein. Bitte versuchen Sie die Anfrage noch einmal.
Ihr Cache Administrator ist [log in to unmask].

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Betreff: Re: cannot reach SignPuddle with Firefox but with Explorer


I am working as a beta tester for Mozilla, and currently testing newer versions of Firefox.  Can you tell me please, what happens when you try and load signpuddle? Do you get messages on the screen, like server timeouts, or are there problems with the links to the page please?  
Could you also tell me, which version of Firefox your school runs and which signpuddle language you are trying to access?
If there are problems, you can click "Tools", then "Error Console" (or press CTRL + SHIFT + J) and any messages which the browser is generating as it attempts to load will be shown there.
Any information you can provide me would be very helpful.
> Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 16:28:14 -0500
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> Subject: Re: cannot reach SignPuddle with Firefox but with Explorer
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> Hi Stefan,
> I'm not sure what's wrong, but 2 ideas come to mind.
> You can try a direct link to a puddle:
> You can try clearing the Firefox cache:
> Tools >> Clear recent history
> Let me know,
> -Steve