I can rewrite freshly saved new signs but I can't rewrite old signs. If I need a fresh editor status from Valerie, I'll wait for it then :-)
Thanks, Stefan.
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Subject: AW: changing sign in SignPuddle

Hi Lucy,

You logged as the responsible Editor ?  (hm that should work)


You can go for a  test –

Just logg in as you did.


Now create a sign. Add it to the dictionary.


Go : Search by word – and look for the sign you added a second before.


Now there should appear the box that would allow you to rewrite the sign ...

(I just tried in the Polish SignPuddle and could rewrite and even delete this sign ;-)) )



If it works all you need is a fresh  Editor status from Valerie


Good luck



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Betreff: changing sign in SignPuddle


Hello List.

I wanted to review the Polish SignPuddle and correct possible wrongly written signs but, in spite of being logged in, I could not find any CHANGE function... Any help?