SignWriting List
October 19, 2010

Dear SignWriting List:

Congratulations to Charles Butler and Dr. Rachel Channon, from the University of Connecticut, Department of Linguistics. They presented a poster at the TISLR conference (, September 30-October 2, 2010.

The poster presentation was on the SignTyp project. Here is a web page about the SignTyp project:

About SignTyp

The poster presentation shows that now the SignTyp project will be using SignWriting, and will be using SignPuddle software, to create a larger enhanced database. The SignTyp project is an impressive project. It is exciting to realize that SignWriting and SignPuddle will be a part of it.

Rachel tells me that ..."With the addition of the SignPuddle signs, I believe that SignTyp may be the largest database of signs.  We now have over 27000 signs partially annotated - all signs have handshape records, but other types of information are not complete for all signs..."

Looking at the attached photo, Charles Butler is on the left, and Rachel Channon is on the right. Next message, I will attach a PDF of the contents on the poster, and I am also preparing a web page to post this photo and the PDF document: