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November 9, 2010

I have two PowerPoint Presentations created from my office, with the help of Adam Frost (thank you, Adam ;-)

The presentation in Tunisia on Nov 10, 2010, will be using this PPT:

1. SignWriting Encyclopedia Projects
Jobs for signers around the world... (when funding is found)

and here is a PPT that Adam and I did in 2008 for the VAIL Conference:

2. SignWriting 2008

But in Tunisia we will be discussing number 1 above. With the right financial collaboration around the world, we will be able to provide jobs for signers to write articles in SignWriting in SignPuddle Online, for Encyclopedias in different sign languages, and it is our hope that this will lead to Wikipedias in different sign languages. Funding is needed to pay signers to work over the internet with us. We will provide training and the work needed, plus the necessary specialized software development for the wiki world...

So this is a call for international collaboration to make these jobs possible for signers around the world -

I once had a dream, in my youth, that our non-profit organization could become the largest employer of Deaf people worldwide - of course that dream has so far alluded our struggling little non-profit organization, but perhaps with proper communication between funders and countries, we can build a coalition - I hope so!

The SignWriting Encyclopedia Projects is described on the web. It will provide both online and printed encyclopedias written in the sign languages of the world, providing jobs for writers and donated printed encyclopedias for classrooms with signing students:

SignWriting Encyclopedia Projects

Thank you, Stefan and Erika, for your ongoing support of written sign languages!

Val ;-)


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