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November 11, 2010

Hello Dali!
Wonderful to hear from you. I am happy to know you saw the video, and yes, you were mentioned several times....I wish I had more time in the presentation to talk about your writing of Tunisian Sign Language, and the fact that you are teaching SignWriting in Tunisia.

This presentation was done at the very last minute. I was invited to speak, but explained that I could not travel to Tunisia in person, but I could present on Skype. I suggested to them, that if I could not present on Skype, that perhaps you could present... however the Skype was arranged...

Do you live near the Basma center? Perhaps you could present SignWriting there...

On the Basma Center's web page, they have this contact information:

BASMA Association for the Promotion of Employment for the Disabled Persons
Adress : BP 67-Carthage 2016 Tunis-Tunisia 
Telephone : (216) 71 732 750 
Fax : (216) 71 734 517 
Email : [log in to unmask]

The software project that is using SignWriting is here:

Professor Mohammed Jemni and Maher Jbali
WebSign - UTIC
Address : 5, Avenue Taha Hussein, B. P. : 56, Bab Menara, 1008 Tunis 
Tel : (+ 216) 71 49 60 66 / 71 49 40 20 | Fax : (+ 216) 71 39 11 66

I also started a new web page about SignWriting in Tunisia, which I plan to expand later, to include more of your documents:

SignWriting in Tunisia

Thank you, Dali, for writing Tunisian Sign Language - it is very important work -

And I hope your work is going well in Tunisia... please send my regards to your co-workers -

Val ;-)


On Nov 11, 2010, at 8:07 AM, Dali balti wrote:

> Hello everyone!
> I am so sorry for not attending the conference held in Tunisia and led by dear Valerie Sutton, I did not hear about it, and I checked my mail very late.
> I saw the recorded skype sequence, and I am happy that one day Tunisian deaf people will be ready to use signwriting in their own life, I am sure, the Lord answered my prayers in His time.
> Thank you Valerie for all the sweet words you said about me. you are truly an angel.
> is ahead