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November 18, 2010

Hello KJ -
I will be happy to help you. I remember you purchased the PocketPuddle in its very first version - but did you ever upgrade to the current version, 1.3? If not, I will be happy to send you a brand new PocketPuddle in the postal mail for no charge - a free upgrade - 

And, if you can send me your old files, perhaps to my private email address [log in to unmask], maybe I can re-load your old files onto the new PocketPuddle for you -

And DocumentMaker Pro is a separate program, but I will be happy to help you with that too - so I suggest we talk one on one through private email until everything works again for you -

So try to send me your files if you can, to [log in to unmask] - or we can talk tomorrow or this weekend on the phone -

I am glad to know you are using both programs - smile -

Val ;-)
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On Nov 18, 2010, at 8:48 PM, KJ wrote:

> Hi,
> My PocketPuddle doesn't seem to be working all of a sudden.  It was fine a few days ago, but now after the purple screen that says "Uniform Server" it just shows a blank white page; it doesn't seem to load SignPuddle anymore.
> I had a problem with DocumentMaker a few days ago and lost everything that was on it; so I reinstalled it which brought back the documents that come with it automatically, but now I want to put a personal project from my PocketPuddle back into it and can't access it.  It's getting frustrating!
> Thanks,
> KJ