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November 23, 2010

Hello Andre and Stefan!

This is such great news...

Congratulations Stefan, on presenting on Skype, from Germany to Quebec, Canada!

This is so wonderful...I am sure everyone learned a great deal from you.

I wish we could see the presentation too. Did you record the presentation? smile...I hope so!

The presentation is important for SignWriting history, and for the history of Deaf Education -

Thank you for inviting Stefan to speak, Andre, and for informing us too -

Isn't Skype just a miracle? To think that we can present to each other on Skype from around the world, is just such a blessing -

Thanks once again for telling us -

Val ;-)


On Nov 23, 2010, at 1:03 PM, Gagnon et Thibeault wrote:

> Hi Val, Stefan and everyone,
>       Four times at the University of Ottawa (Canada)  I have  taught (to my students) a course called literacy and deafness:  reading and some SW.  However,  last November 20, I invited Stefan Woehrmann for a videoconference for the first time. Stefan has been teaching  SignWriting to Deaf students in Germany for 11 years now.  For an hour and half, he spoke about his background, his experience and his method of teaching a SW.
>       Many thanks to you, Stefan, for your outstanding presentation and for your kindness to share your experience with our students (at 10:00am in Canada which corresponds to 4:00pm in Germany) last Saturday.
>       Also, I invited Deaf teacher who sometimes teaches SW to her Deaf students in Canada.  She listened with her eyes to Stefan's speech while the interpreter translated from English to LSQ and  vice-versa.  Our students enjoyed listening to Stefan's speech and learning new things.
>       Stefan,  many thanks again.
>       Best regards,
>     André