SignWriting List
November 17, 2010

A question I received yesterday...

> What is the difference in meaning between the surface symbols on the head and the rim symbols on the head? When would you use a Rim vs. a surface symbol?

I am attaching 2 graphics. In the first graphic, the "Rim of the Front View of the Face" is the most used, for daily writing, although it is used less and less now.

Rims mark the "outer area of a circle". In the case of the Facial Circle, it is marking the area along the side of the face, NOT the side of the head. So the outer area of the face is the front of the chin, the cheeks, the forehead and in-between the cheeks, chin and forehead...all along the rim of the face. But you can write signs without a Rim, not being so specific, and people usually understand the sign anyway...

In the second graphic below, you see the Surface Symbols or just Touch Stars near the Head Circle. It has nothing to do with the face, but instead shows contact or relating to the surface of the Top of the Head, the Side of the Head, and Under the Chin...or contact with the same.