Hi Val, Charles, Stefan, and everyone,

    Val, Charles and Stefan, thank you very much for your answer.

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December 7, 2010

Hello Andre and Charles and everyone -

The discussion is a good one, and Charles is right that our system has all 
the symbols we need to communicate what we need to communicate...

Let me explain...

1. When the thumb-line is on the white side of the symbol (the palm area) it 
means the thumb is extending FORWARD:


2. When the thumb-line is on the black side of the symbol (back of hand 
area) it means the thumb is extending SIDE:


3. That is the way we write thumb forward and thumb side, even if it looks a 
little strange at times, it is a rule and we learn it and accept it.

4. There is one other solution, if the Thumb-Side bothers you. You can 
construct your own handshape, by taking the plain Flat Hand, and placing a 
hollow circle on the center of it, to show the thumb projecting towards the 
reader...That can we read by people, because it follows the rule that 
individual fingers projecting towards or away from us can be written with 
dots, but it is not a standard symbol in the ISWA 2010 - you will have to 
construct it. See below I constructed it in SignPuddle:


Using the dot is not necessary however, because people memorize that the 
thumb line on the dark side of the palm facing, means the thumb side -

So your pictures have NOTHING to do with right or left hands from my point 
of view - the answer is, wherever the palm is facing - place the white part 
of the symbol in that direction. Then place the thumb line on the black side 
of the symbol no matter what, if the thumb is to the side....or use a dot if 
that would help you -

See attached...I have placed my answers in your question marks -