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December 9, 2010

Hello Meryeme!
Thank you for this message. You are not disturbing us. I am always happy to receive your questions as much as you need to ask them! Did you ever meet with Shane in Fes? Just curious ;-)

To download SignWriter DOS, go to:

SignWriting Downloads

SignWriter DOS is number 6 on that page. When you click on number 6, it takes you to the SignWriter DOS download page:

SignWriter DOS download

Scroll down - you can choose SignWriter DOS for different countries. Your project is using ASL, so download the SignWriter DOS for the is number 8 on that web page.

BUT...before you can use SignWriter DOS on modern Windows computers, you MUST first install another program called DOSBox that makes it possible to use SignWriter.

To download DOSBox, go to:

Install DOSBox first, and then install SignWriter DOS inside it -

That should work!

Instruction on how to use SignWriter DOS is here:

You can also see other software for SignWriting here:

Go to the SignWriting Software Forum

and visit this page too:

SignWriter Java

Download sources for SignWriter here:

Just so you understand, the SignWriter program, although an excellent program for its time, is not what most people use to write SignWriting today. We use another program, called SignPuddle Online. The world uses SignPuddle Translate to do our translations...I am happy to teach you how to use SignPuddle anytime, and when Yuri writes his chemistry signs, I hope he is writing them in SignPuddle Online, not SignWriter DOS:

Go to SignPuddle Online:

SignPuddle Online

I can help you learn SignPuddle too - it is developed by Steve Slevinski, whom you have already had communication with...

So keep asking questions on the SignWriting List - thank you for this question!

Val ;-)


On Dec 9, 2010, at 2:22 AM, Meryeme Ayache wrote:

> hey every one 
> I am the girl from morocco who is trying to work on the compiler from ASL to English. please I need your help!!! if someone has the project that facilate the insertion of sign-writing symbols using DOS can you pass it to me please??? I need your help so bad. and for the one who is working on the chemistry using sign-writing are you working on specific part of the chemistry or you are just translating your research using sign-writing :-) thank you for your help and sorry to disturb :-( have a nice day and I wish all of you the best 
> -- 
> Meryeme Ayache.
> Elève ingénieur ( 2ème année )
> Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique et d'Analyse des Systèmes (Rabat).