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December 12, 2010

Hello Tini!
Thank you for your message, and please excuse my tardiness in replying. I did receive it. I just got confused by too many projects...

I am so happy that your life is so filled with joy and dancing...What could be better? I am going to take a yoga class this morning. I have done yoga by video for two decades, but recently a local yoga group is offering three free classes in December, so I am going to participate in their class in the next hour - eeekkkk - a good excuse to get out of the house (I work out of my home)...sometimes it gets a little hard staying in one place for so long, even though the computer helps me travel around the world through the internet...

So I promise my email is coming next to you privately - I am happy you are interested in using DanceWriting again - you were very skilled years ago when we first met in Copenhagen in the 1970's - smile - we are showing our age ;-)

And I also look forward to responding to other messages here on the List soon too -

Thank you everyone! And have a great Sunday!

Val ;-)


On Dec 11, 2010, at 4:54 PM, Pel Tini wrote:

> Hello Valerie,
> Hope all is well. It seems you are as busy as ever !!!!!!
> I have sent you a personal message about dance writing  a couple of days ago. Have you received it?
> I am wondering.
> Hope you can find time to answer my question?
> No hurry, but just wondering if you have received it.
> Tini.