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December 15, 2010

Hello Bill and Meryeme -

Very true...thank you here is my question...Does Notepad accept Unicode? For example, text can also be written Arabic, written Chinese and so forth, using Unicode...

I haven't used MS-DOS in years, but my memory is that Notepad is only ASCIII characters?

Can you write Arabic in Notepad, Meryeme?

In recent years, Steve Slevinski developed a way to place SignWriting symbols into UTF8, which is not the official Unicode, but getting closer...I wonder if UTF8 could work in Notepad? probably not -

Can you use another program, like WordPad, Meryeme? Or Microsoft Word? Does WordPad accept graphics? We know Word does...

Inside the SignWriter DOS program, the SignWriting symbols act like text. But outside the SignWriter DOS environment, they become graphics, except for Steve's special work with Binary SignWriting (BSW) and UTF8:

So if you need the graphics of each symbol, Meryeme, you can download the complete symbolset in .png format, or possibly in .gif format for the old symbols used in SignWriter DOS, without using any program.

Go to SymbolBank download page for SignWriter DOS symbols: sss-1995:

If you need the graphics of completely written signs, that is different - I use SignPuddle to do that, or SignWriter Java, rather than MS-DOS - 

Maybe Stefan will know how to do it from MS-DOS?

Val ;-)


On Dec 15, 2010, at 8:24 AM, Bill Reese wrote:

> Meryeme,
> Notepad is text only format - it doesn't save format information so such things like graphics can't be put into Notepad.   Once you put signwriting into a word processor, it's available as a graphic and can be copied and pasted into other programs that support graphics but not programs that support only text.
> Bill
> On 12/15/2010 10:04 AM, Meryeme Ayache wrote:
>> hey every one 
>> I am wondering if we can copy and past from word the signwriting letters to notepad for exemple. I mean I am wondering if we can copy f to notepad without it get converted to f. do you have an idea about how to do that please?
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