SignWriting List
December 11, 2010

Hello Charles and Stefan -

Great discussion! ;-)

Before I go back to respond to all that has been said (tomorrow when I am back online), I want to explain to others who are reading our messages, what we are talking about...

SignWriting can be sorted in dictionaries and lists "by Sign Symbols"...Sorting dictionaries or vocabulary lists by Sign-Symbols is done with two processes:

1. First, the "SignSpelling Sequence" must be established. It is "the order of symbols within EACH spellings for words in spoken languages - the "spelling order" of symbols has to be understood by the computer, so the computer can "sort" the dictionary by Sign-Symbols...

To establish the "SignSpelling Sequence" for each sign in SignPuddle, we ask the writers of the signs to click on the SignSpelling button to the right of the signs they have written (must be logged-in to do this). The writer tells the computer what symbol in the sign should come first, and what symbol should come second etc, when finding signs in a list...