Eu mesmo, o primeiro sinal, sem braco.  Com duas maos, e mais facil a leer. 

I, the same, the first sign, without the arm.  With two hands, it is much easier 
to read. 


I personally must interject that I find showing a photograph and then showing an 
expressive writing is completely confusing to me.  I write what I see, if I see 
receptive, I write receptive.  

If I am writing my own hands, I write expressive.  Writing in opposite 
directions for the same writing when trying to compare what a person is doing on 
a photograph in front of me throws me.

When I teach, I teach both ways, and I show both ways, so that people can 
understand that one reverses as a complete front and back sign.  If the motion 
moves right, I write that direction for the signer, who is NOT me, so the motion 
matches the actual picture in front of me.  


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Segue a foto, qual você acha que fica mais claro para  o leitor?
Penso que seja o primeiro sinal.

Below the picture, what do you think is more clear to the reader?
I think it is the first sign.

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SignWriting List
December 30, 2010

On Dec 30, 2010, at 6:15 PM, Eda AMORim wrote:

> Olá Val,
> Obrigada! Farei um tutorial explicando. Fiz no Adobe Illustrator.
> Thank you! I'll make a tutorial. I made in Adobe Illustrator

Olá Eda!
Thank you for changing the card so fast - that is amazing!

You are very skilled with Adobe Illustrator...I use the Adobe Creative Suite 
Design Premium (CS5) - and Illustrator is a part of that suite of programs, so 
we use some of the same software ;-)

I am happy you are creating a tutorial. Let's talk about the third sign, for 
NEW? NOVO? I do not know the sign, but I should be able to read the movements, 
but I am not sure of the movement...

Does it start with a circle shape for the right hand, and then moves side and 
opens up in a five hand? Like this?

You see, the little hollow circle that represents the opening of fingers (that 
appears at the end of your arrow in the third sign), could mean that you were 
opening to a variety of different handshapes...but if you write the finishing 
hand shape, it is a lot clearer for the reader... If you write that second 
position then it is not necessary to write the hollow dot that means to open the is my sign for NOVO correct in LIBRAS? or have I misunderstood? I 
look forward to your answer ;-) Val ;-)