I said many people, not everyone :-)

I think a web forum is good for many reasons but many busy professionals
wont go on the forums :-( that is the reality.


On 2 January 2011 20:34, Lucy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> In some ways I agree with Shane. People will not make the effort to go up
>> on the web to read the messages posted there, if they do not have the option
>> of receiving the messages in their email. Can people, in a web forum, choose
>> to receive their messages through email too?
> Many people use different web forum during their leisure time and they
> don't want the List mesages getting into their mail box just when they are
> working or are busy with other things. Yes, I know that they can always read
> them later but later.... there are more postings to go through and this is
> discouraging. People are different. Some prefer e-mails, some other prefer
> web forums. So, I don't agree with Shane.
>  Since the web forums are free, do they throw ads at you? We used to have
>> one of our List Archives on Yahoo egroups, and they forced readers into
>> seeing full page ads before they could read the message they were searching
>> for, and some of those ads were sexually-explicit and I was concerned that
>> an educational group like our SignWriting List might have children with
>> teachers accessing the Archives, and I did not want those ads being thrown
>> at our users, so Bill Reese helped move our second Archives over to
>> (our Archive 3) ...which was a fortuitous move -
> Some do, some don't. I can look for a forum with no or "user-friendly" ads.
> Lucy