Hi Stefan! This was successful. I was able to push the Load Message into SignText button at the bottom of your SignMail, and then I added my little message at the beginning of your message...in ASL I said WONDERFUL, VAL. So you can see we can reply to each others SignMail messages. I wrote my reply without using the Translate Feature...I just wrote my signs directly in the SignText Editor at the beginning of your message...Later all this will become easier bu t we are beginning now to reply to each others SignMail messages - Thank you for helping us improve SignPuddle and SignMail. I am trying to finish the bookkeeping for taxes here for our non-profit organization and then I hope to come back to teaching on the SignWriting List with eLessons soon - I can't wait - I am so bored with bookkeeping - ha! Big hello from sunny California - Val ;-)

Load message into SignText

Courtesy of SignBank.org

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