I have begun to order the Ethiopian Sign Language dictionary in accordance to my idea of sign sequence using handshapes as the major marker.
For discussion, go to the Ethiopian Sign Puddle, press "Symbol Frequency" and go to index finger (the first symbol).  Now that all 17 signs with that handshape have been ordered using the SignSpelling bar, you can see how the dictionary will order if you impose spelling using individual. As I continue going through each handshape, I am adding the SignSpelling with each handshape.
The default setting is by Group and by hand, but not by orientation or rotation, so once you add that difference, a much more logical order prevails.
I start with orientation, then rotation, then add points of contact, then contacts, then finger movement, then movement (not sorted out yet), then speed.
Here is a portion of the Brazilian sign puddle using handshape and orientation, and then speed.
Wind (Vento)
Banho (bath)
complicado (complicated)
confusao (confusion)
mundo (world)