I don't think the Skype/Firefox thing is a big deal, it's just an issue check that comes up whenever Firefox updates.  I have no idea what the add-on is, but I can look for the name with the next update.
I haven't used Skype for a long time, so I don't know if that add-on is causing any problems or not.  The last time I used it, I don't think I was getting that error message... but when I was using Skype with video the picture kept freezing on me - I thought at the time it was because my hard drive was failing, but now I suspect it might have more to do with my wireless router not being powerful enough.  Anyway, the message comes up whenever Firefox updates, even if I'm not running Skype at the time.
As for SignPuddle, I'm not too worried about it right now... I only have one project on the go, and I'm waiting for my illustrator to get some pictures to me before I can go any farther with it.  Besides, I'm using SignBank for that project and I had no trouble bringing my columns into it.
The biggest problem I've been having lately is when I've been trying to print out a copy of some of the SignMails that have been coming around lately.  If I print them straight from Outlook Express, I can only get it to print one column per page.  However, if I right-click on each column, copy it and paste it into another program (I usually use OpenOffice Writer), that tends to work.  It can get a little tedious, but since there's currently a limit to the number of signs that can be mailed, it's not too bad.
I remember, some time ago, trying to get some signs with a transparent background and I don't remember ever getting that to work.  (One of the more recent threads, where someone - I forget who - was getting a black background instead of transparent, reminded me of it because I've had the same issue.)
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January 28, 2011

Hi Kelly Jo and Charles -

That is so interesting. I am not having the Firefox problems with Skype on my Mac...That is clearly a Firefox conflict with Skype that never happened before...I assume on Windows?

Kelly Jo - can you name the skype add-on? Because maybe Charles could eliminate that add-on...

Or just don't turn on Skype all the time - only use it occasionally by appointment like I do ;-)

Regarding SignPuddle 1.6 - that will not be out for a while - I do not know when, maybe in a month or two - so waiting for SignPuddle 1.6 is not a good idea -

If you want to try to get signs out of SignPuddle, Kelly Jo, I am here to help - I do it daily with no problem, so I am curious what you are experiencing...Val ;-)


On Jan 28, 2011, at 6:39 PM, KJ wrote:

I have some problems similar to Charles.  The last several times Firefox has upgraded, I've gotten a message about Firefox and a particular Skype add-on not being compatible.  I've also had real trouble getting signs out of SignPuddle and into other programs.  Again, I haven't worked on that for a while so I don't know if those problems are still as much of an issue as they were several months ago.  I know there are a bunch of fixes supposed to be coming soon so I'm waiting for confirmation that SignPuddle has been updated; then I'm going to try some of these things again and see if they work again.
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January 28, 2011

Hello Charles -
I am sorry you are having computer troubles...I had those recently too...something totally different, but it does take patience ...so no worries...we will figure it all out slowly but surely -

Thank you for sending this sign from SignPuddle in .PNG format:

It is well written and fun to read! Yes.... I could read it!

If Firefox is a problem, go back to what worked for you before... 

Firefox works for me and others, but if it is not compatible with your computer then that is ok too...

I use Skype all the time, but it is not inside any web browser, so it has no connection with any web browser, does it?

Is it possible that your internet connection is not working well?

Val ;-)


On Jan 28, 2011, at 1:15 PM, Charles Butler wrote:

> Can you read this? I can't.  When I use Internet Explorer, I can clip directly from Sign Puddle.  I am now in Mozilla Firefox, the latest version, and now I can't do anything other than edit the SignPuddle.  That is not functionality.
> I expect to be able to clip from SignPuddle (in Firefox) and paste in Firefox Mozilla, same version, what gives.  In Explorer I can do it but I can't in SignPuddle's own software.  I give up.
> I can read the comments from your lessons for the Brazilian Sign Puddle, but when I try to respond, I cannot put in anything from Ethiopian sign language by the method YOU taught me to clip and paste. 
> And now i am told that SKYPE for Firefox is unstable.  I can use Firefox to put something here as an illustration, but NOT imbedded,
> I now can't use Skype with Mozilla. 
> I want ONE program that can edit the SignPuddle, clip that sign into a window, not saved as a separate file, float directly into email as a .jpg or .png, and not have major security problems and incompatibility.
> That program is NOT mozilla, nor firefox.  I'm trying both and now cannot do anything I'm used to doing in SignPuddle without a problem in Internet Explorer, or Skype, or some other incompatibility.
> It stinks.
> Charles