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January 30, 2011

Note: Signs in these examples are written in Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS) and are from the book Novo Diet-Libras, Língua de Sinais Brasileira, Volume 1, Universidade de São Paulo;


...continued from previous email January 28, 2011....


…this sign in LIBRAS from Brazil…


…following the SignSpelling Guidelines, is written like this:






1. The Surface Symbol was deleted.


2. The Position of Contact was written by moving the single Touch Contact Star out of the way. It is no longer between the two hands. Now the two hands look very close to each other. The single Touch Contact Star could have been deleted completely, but in this case, it was moved at the end of the Arrowhead, showing that the touch is the result of the end of the movement. The Touch Contact is a part of the movement by writing it this way:


3. When the two circles are written correctly, then the Alternating Symbol is not needed because the alternating movement is built into the Circle Symbols automatically.

4. Circle Symbols: The dark part of the Circle Symbol represents “closer to your chest”. The thinner part of the Circle Symbol represents “far away from your chest”. The arrowheads are placed where the hands START the circle. Arrowheads placed on the dark part of the circle START the movement closer to the chest. Arrowheads placed on the thin part of the circle START the movement away from the chest. This creates the Alternating Motion. It is assumed that the movements are moving at the same time.

5. Placing the two parts of the sign side by side, for horizontal writing, or one on top of the other for vertical writing are both correct, and in dictionaries where other illustrations and text are included, it is up to the editors which fits best on the page layout. If this sign were a part of a vertical sentence, it would be preferred to use the vertical placement.

Note: The palm facing for the B Hand differed in the illustrations versus the writing, and so I based these diagrams on the illustrations in Novo Diet Libras page 361.

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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