SignWriting List
January 12, 2011

SignMail works beautifully right now, in our current SignPuddle software, for short emails written in any sign language.

Forgetting the issue of answering other people's SignMails and quoting them etc...that is for a future date... but I don't think I have ever seen anyone post simple SignMails to the SignWriting List except me and Stefan -

I am asking a favor of other SignWriting List members...Please send the SignWriting List a SignMail in your sign language. Try it. The software works fine right now for short SignMails to the SignWriting List. There is NO cut and paste. You use the Translate feature in SignPuddle to create a SignMail. It would be wonderful if more people would do that...Here are instructions:


1. Go to SignPuddle
2. Open the Dictionary from your country
3. Push the Translate Button
4. Type the gloss of the message and push the Translate Button.
5. Choose the signs you want for your sentence.
6. After you choose the signs you want, push the Update button at the bottom...
7. Scroll down.
8. Click on the SignMail button.
9. Type your email address in the FROM field.
10. Type the SignWriting List address in the TO field.
11. Add any spoken language text you want...
12. Press the Send SignMail button

See diagram: