Hi SignWriting List,

I thought you might be interested in my SVG progress.

For the ISWA 2010, I have completed 2 test SVG transformations.  The 
first used smooth polygon tracing and the second used a more angular 

Once I have the right tools in place, I can improve the automated SVG 
tracings.  I know what to do, but it will take a few days to build the 
right tools and perfect the tracing.

Later, I will install Adam Frosts hand shape SVG refinements for even 
better visual graphics.

With the SignPuddle data, I am able to automatically generate SVG images 
with different fonts.  In the near future, SignPuddle will include links 
to the SVG images.

This is a proof of concept. I've attached 2 sample SVGs for a 
SignWriting cluster.