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February 23, 2011

Hello Fernando, and everyone -

What a wonderful gift of this PowerPoint Presentation with beautiful photos from Sao Paulo, Brazil!

The photos in the presentation show a beautiful and impressive large, modern city. If you did not know what city you were looking at, you could guess that it was perhaps Paris? or Chicago? or Rome? or New York City? Some of the buildings look like other well-known buildings around the world - and the skyline is amazing - a truly huge city with lots and lots of skyscrapers and the music that goes along with the pictures, for those who can hear it, sounds a little like another song, called "New York, New York" but after a minute the music changes and becomes its own unique song singing about Sao Paulo in Brazil in Portuguese of course - a truly great slide presentation - THANK YOU, Fernando - and you have very good reason to be VERY proud of your impressive and beautiful city...and Brazil is wonderful - I am a big fan of everything Brazilian, and have many CDs of Brazilian music which I enjoy while I work out of my home office ;-))

Thank you for the birthday gift and the kind words - Val ;-)