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February 24, 2011

Hello Steve!
This is a wonderful new development, thank you!

I am a little please forgive me.... Our users, including me, are using the ISWA 2008, not the ISWA 2010.

The current version of SignPuddle 1.5 does not use the ISWA 2010 yet...I just looked, and it is still using the ISWA 2008 in SignMaker etc...

But we have SVG now, for the ISWA 2008? Because I see your new link there, in SignPuddle 1.5, even though it does not use the ISWA 2010...

So clearly the SVG is working for the ISWA 2008 too...right?  ;-)

Val ;-)


On Feb 24, 2011, at 8:49 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

Hi list,

For SVG, I created a new automated polygon tracing of the ISWA 2010.  You can see all of the various flavors of the ISWA 2010 font software online.

In SignPuddle, I added SVG support for individual signs.  It uses the new ISWA 2010 SVG Line Trace font.  Here's an example:

In SignPuddle, if you look up an individual sign, you should see a link that says "Sign in SVG" with a link to View.  This will open a new page with the SVG for the sign.


Soon, I will complete SVG for sign text.

Later this year, I hope to be using Adam Frost's SVG hand shape refinements for clear and crisp hand symbols.