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February 26, 2011

Hello Machado!
I know you addressed your message to Steve, but I just want to say "hello!"

I am so happy to hear from you...

Did you know that we have a download of your SVG of the IMWA 2004 symbolset on the web?:

Go to:

Click on number 2 on the above web page:

and if you scroll down to the bottom of that web page, there is also another link under "About These Symbolsets"... that links to your code I believe ... Thank you for your gift of SVG - people download your work from our site -

You mentioned you could not see the attached files that Steve posted...

You can see all of the various flavors of the ISWA 2010 font software online that Steve is developing...

On this web page you can find 4 different versions of SVG fonts:

And...if you go to SignPuddle Online, to the Brazilian Sign Language dictionary in SignPuddle, and search for the sign CASA:

Brazilian sign for CASA,331&search=casa&type=any

Notice below the sign, you can click to view the SVG of that sign:

The SVG link is under all signs in SignPuddle...

So thanks for your offer of the scripts and I will leave that to the two of you as to what is needed...

Have a great weekend!

Val ;-)


On Feb 25, 2011, at 1:45 PM, [log in to unmask] wrote:

Hi, Steve!

I have not been able to open the 2 attached files. But this are really good news!

I have done this path before, for ISWA2004. I dont know how manual your process currently is, but i still have the scripts i wrote then.... they may be usefull.

Tell me if you need any help!


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Quoting Steve Slevinski <[log in to unmask]>:

Hi SignWriting List,

I thought you might be interested in my SVG progress.

For the ISWA 2010, I have completed 2 test SVG transformations.  The first used smooth polygon tracing and the second used a more angular transformation.

Once I have the right tools in place, I can improve the automated SVG tracings.  I know what to do, but it will take a few days to build the right tools and perfect the tracing.

Later, I will install Adam Frosts hand shape SVG refinements for even better visual graphics.

With the SignPuddle data, I am able to automatically generate SVG images with different fonts.  In the near future, SignPuddle will include links to the SVG images.

This is a proof of concept. I've attached 2 sample SVGs for a SignWriting cluster.



Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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