Honza, here is the article I was telling you about.  This orders by handshape, then movement, then speed, then facial expression.
Within handshape, it is by orientation, then rotation.

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Sent: Mon, February 14, 2011 5:24:57 AM
Subject: Re: how to order sign in SL dictionary

Hello everyone.

I haven't got any response. Does not anyone have any experience with this task?


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Hello everyone,

I wonder how to order signs in SL dictionary in the part SL to spoken language.
In spoken language it is common to order signs in order of alphabeth, but what about the another direction?
In this part SL to spoken language it is common to order signs by hanshapes, but in which order?
Does anybody have any experineces with this order? I know that in US it is used number order (as groups in SignPuddle).

thanks for your advices.
Honza, Czech Republic