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February 6, 2011

Note: Signs in these examples are written in Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS) and are from the book Novo Diet-Libras, Língua de Sinais Brasileira, Volume 1, Universidade de São Paulo;


...continued from previous email February 6, 2011....


…so this sign in LIBRAS from Brazil…

which is based on this illustration on page 359 of Novo Diet-Libras…(such an amazing book ;-) correctly written like this....

OR....I would delete the Alternating Symbol (the symbol with the double curve under the movement in the first part of the sign). There is nothing wrong with writing the Alternating Symbol because it does alternate, but it is double information, since the alternating movement is already "built into" the writing system. When reading the movement, the reader always reads the arrows that are closest to the center first, so the reader will automatically read that the right hand goes down at the same time that the left hand moves up, which gives the information of "alternating". See below:

The simpler the writing, the better it is for daily use. Another way to simplify the writing, is to delete the thumbs sticking out to the side of the flat hands in the first section of the sign. Just have a basic flat hand with no thumbs. If the thumbs are needed for linguistic reasons, of course keep them, but the illustration does not show the thumbs out strongly.

I hope these editing lessons are helpful to all of you -

I will continue ;-)

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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