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February 7, 2011

Thanks for your comments, Charles -

That is so true - We can write either hand as dominant, and we can write ambidextrous signing too!

Whatever the signer signs, we can write it, no matter what hand they choose as dominant -

Val ;-)

On Feb 7, 2011, at 10:48 AM, Charles Butler wrote:

I think that this is a situation where the "citation" form is right handed, but one may have left-handed signers switching dominant hands.
Long-term, we need to have a function that will switch everything from "right-hand dominant" to "left-hand dominant" and "expressive" to "receptive" but it currently does not exist.
Every class I have ever taught in Sign Writing has had at least one left-handed signer, so that we teach "write what you see on your own hands". Having left-handed and right-handed students teaches everyone that the system is universal, not one hand dominant over the other in writing.


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Subject: Re: QUESTION: Can we write left-handed signing?

The dark arrow is for the right hand, the white arrow is for the left hand.  If you write your language left-hand dominant, that is fine, but left and right don't change. The arrows are for which hand is used, not which is dominant.
Fingers follow the hand.  The whole system is built for both hands.


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Subject: QUESTION: Can we write left-handed signing?

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February 7, 2011


On Feb 2, 2011:
> Hello!
> There is one thing I was wondering about ; I sign with my left hand, and the the writing is made for right handed persons. I haven't read enough to know if the inversion in writing can pose a problem in the understanding. As a left handed person I would, for example,automatically inverse the place of the dark side on the drawing on the hand flat : I would put It on the left side rather than on the right side. I would also, on the drawing of the hand with finger, put the stick representing the thumb on the right side. It trouble me much when I m trynig to learn. Is the inversion accepted?
> I go on descovering the Sign Writing. I will surely rewrite. Have an nice day!



Thank you for this message and your question....

Go right ahead and write left-handed signing - no problem!

It is accepted to write either way.

Writing left-handed signing or right-handed signing - BOTH can be written in SignWriting and there is no problem reading it...

Just as there is no problem in real life...when you look at a left-handed signer or a right-handed signer - we can all understand each other, whether we are signing to each other, or reading it in SignWriting...

In our formal SignWriting documents, we choose to write right-handed signing, because most signers are right handed, so that is our standard way of publishing...but we do have some publications written in left handed signing -

Right now you notice this more, because you are new to SignWriting, but later it will become less important until you get used to reading it either way -

I have more to tell you about left-handed and right-handed signing next message...

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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