Dear Val,
I'm so sorry to hear that your mother experienced these health problems, but so happy to hear that she is doing much better. I feel very lucky to have been able to visit you last winter and, in the process, get to meet your wonderful parents. Please give them my regards and a hearty "hi!" from my son Leo.

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SignWriting List
March 24, 2011

Hello SignWriting List!

It has been a long time since I have posted to the SignWriting List. But I am back, and the List will become active again.

My family has some good news yesterday. On March 8th, my 91-year-old mother had a stroke, and then a week later, a second stroke, and with good reason, the doctors were concerned and talked about end-of-life issues. But after 8 days in a coma-like state, yesterday, miraculously, my mother revived and started talking and talking and her old self!

So we are rejoicing today!

I am sure you all know that SignWriting has been made possible partly because of my wonderful large family. Several members of our family have helped with fund raising, grant writing and so forth. Without our family support, I cannot imagine how I could have raised the financing alone...Our non-profit organization, the Center for Sutton Movement Writing, does support a small staff that struggles to make a living, working on software and SignWriting books and publications, so funding is needed on an on-going basis. We began in 1974. SignWriting is now 37 years old.

I am grateful for the opportunity to write sign languages and to have the support to do it...and my mother, Doris Sutton, has been one of SignWriting's strongest helpers. She worked on fund raising for years, in the 1980's.

To give you an example, years ago, Doris found ongoing funding for our non-profit organization from a small private foundation in southern Califormia, to pay for all our internet costs... As you can see in the listing below, there are quite a number of web sites related to SignWriting on our server, and the annual fees to keep the server up and running are paid for all these years, thanks to the funding Doris found for us.

Our SignWriting server, hosted by DeafVision, includes SignWriting-related web sites designed by different webmasters in the US, Germany, Honduras and Norway. All sites are related to SignWriting or Sutton Movement Writing in some way:

1. SignWriting Site
Read & Write Sign Languages
Webmaster Valerie Sutton

2. SignBank Site
Sign Language Databases
Webmaster Valerie Sutton

3. SignPuddle Site
Create SignWriting Documents Online
Webmaster Steve Slevinski

4. GebaerdenSchrift Site
SignWriting Site from Germany
Webmaster Stefan Woehrmann

5. SignWriter Studio Site
for SignWriting Studio Software
Webmaster Jonathan Duncan

6. FrostVillage Site
ASL FrostVillage Blog in SignWriting
Webmaster: Adam Frost

7. SignWriting Image Server (SWIS)
Open Standards of SignWriting
Webmaster Steve Slevinski

8. ISWA 2010 HTML Reference Guide
International SignWriting Alphabet 2010
Webmaster Steve Slevinski

9. SignWriting Wiki
Wiki-style Articles in Sign Languages
Webmaster Steve Slevinski

10. Binary SignWriting (BSW)
SignWriting Script Encoding Model
Webmaster Steve Slevinski

11. TegnSkrift Site (under construction)
SignWriting Site from Norway
Webmaster: Ingvild Roald

12. DanceWriting Site
Read & Write Dance Movement
Webmaster Valerie Sutton

13. MovementWriting Site
Read & Write All Body Movement
Webmaster Valerie Sutton

14. SymbolBank Site
Symbol Archive for the International SignWriting Alphabet (ISWA)
Webmaster Valerie Sutton

and some family sites...

15. The SoulSite
Spiritual Poetry by Doris Sutton

16. Paul Sutton, Composer, Physicist
Beautiful Love Songs CD

17. La Jolla's Legendary Couple
Paul & Doris Sutton Age 89 & 91

18. World Medicine & Ethiopian Journal
Pamela Sutton, MD. Palliative Care

19. A Global Writing System for a Global Age
Autobiography, Inventor Sutton Movement Writing

More SignWriting-related postings are coming...

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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