Hi everyone!
Olga, to answer your question more specifically:
Your first symbol  shows a single arm twist - the hand flips 90 degrees and does not return to the starting position
The second symbol  shows the arm twisting twice in the same direction - the movement back to the starting position is not relevant to the sign and is not written;
The third symbol  shows a twist back and forth - the hand flips 90 degrees and returns to the starting position;
The fourth symbol  is what I think you meant by "trill" - the arm twists back and forth quickly; it's the symbol I would use for the ASL sign "tree" and is the same symbol you sent in your clarification to Charles.  The arrowhead was added only so the reader knows which hand is used (in this case the right hand, because the arrowhead is black), but it's not required.
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On Mar 4, 2011, at 10:17 AM, Olga Drozdenko wrote:

Valerie, thank you!

But know I have a question about the difference between these 4 symbols (I'm sorry for asking, I've just started learning SignWriting, may be I could read these information somewhere in the books).

PS I'm reading these book http://www.signwriting.org/archive/docs7/sw0617_Cross_Linguistic_Guide_SignWriting_Parkhurst.pdf
Is it ok?