Hi André,

> Regarding SignWriting and Univode, if UTC and WG2 approve them in 
> 2012, will we then be able to use the keyboarding without the mouse?

The short answer is no.  Unicode is a data standard, not a magic pill.  
There is nothing inherently special about Unicode with regards to 

The long answer is probably yes.  First, Unicode acceptance will 
definitively mark the stability of the symbol set.  Second, Unicode 
acceptance will help cement the idea that SignWriting is a writing 
system that is meant to be used by the public.

These perceptions of stability and usability will foster an environment 
where more projects will hopefully be started.  Projects will be able to 
build on past successes and will be able to freely communicate with 
other projects.

Keyboarding with SignWriting is a proven technique.  There are several 
hurdles to tackle for the current symbol set, but none that are too 
difficult.  These hurdles were completed for smaller symbol sets of the 
past, and there is no reason that can not be completed for the ISWA 2010.